Generally, homeowners look to hire a professional painter when they don’t have the time to do it themselves. Sometimes, it’s due to a physical limitation or a difficult surface. Whatever the reason, a professional painter should be skilled, experienced and reliable.

If you don’t know where to start looking, choosing a Taubmans Certified Painter, is a quick and easy way to source a painter who has an excellent reputation, is fully insured and whose workmanship is guaranteed.

Benefits of a Taubmans Certified Painter

To find a local painter, head to the Taubmans website where you can find a professional painter to suit your needs. Benefits of a painter vetted by Taubmans include:

  • Fully insured and compliant with health and safety practices
  • Open communication
  • Abide by enviro-friendly waste management procedures
  • Expert knowledge of Taubmans products
  • Experienced, reliable and always try to meet deadlines.
  • High-quality work and professional finish on all surfaces.

Why Choose Taubmans Paint?

When it comes to paint, the extensive Taubmans range offers superior quality and superior colour choice. 

With over 5,700 colours to choose from, there really isn’t a taste or mood that Taubmans can’t cater to. If you need inspiration, there is also plenty of free style advice on the Taubmans website as well as trending colours

Taubmans paint is continuously evolving, using the latest technology and the hard work of a dedicated research and development team. Manufactured right here in Australia, Taubmans care about the environment and is committed to protecting it. 

Taubmans has a product for almost every project including:

  • Sealers, primers and undercoats
  • Interior walls
  • Exterior walls
  • Kitchen paint and bathroom paint
  • Durable paint for doors
  • Skirting board paint
  • Paving paint
  • Metal paint

View the full Taubmans range or get in touch with Nelson’s Painting for a free colour consultation.