With so many of us in NSW in an extended lockdown and Bunnings back open (except those in areas of concern), now is a good time to get cracking on those DIY projects you’ve been meaning to get around to. Vaccination rates are increasing, but it’s likely that we will still be spending a fair bit of time at home for the foreseeable future. So, stop staring at those tired walls or that bookcase you’ve been meaning to organise and spring into action!

Pick a Painting Project

Of course, we’d put this one first! Why? Well, because we know that colour can have a big impact on our mood and creativity. While big jobs like painting walls are best left to professional painters (yes, we are still allowed to work as per NSW Health), you can always start with a smaller painting project. Some ideas include:

  • try painting an accent wall
  • experiment with colours by painting old wooden furniture
  • paint the inside of your front door
  • pick a statement colour to paint the outside of your front door with
  • paint a window frame in a contrasting colour

And if you are thinking about having your house painted professionally, you can always start researching colours online or ask us about a colour consultation. 

Refresh the Bookcase 

lockdown diy projects

Bookcases don’t have to be boring! If it’s been a while since you last paid your bookcase some attention, get in there and give it your best creative shot. Start by gathering all the books from around the house, then put aside all the books you no longer want or need (this pile can be gifted or donated later). Give the shelves a good dust and start arranging your books by colour, by author or by theme (or any other way you want!) 

Rearrange the Furniture

lockdown diy projects

Changing the layout of a room is free and easy and we guarantee you’ll be surprised by the difference it can make! Whether you need more space, more light or just a clear division of work and leisure areas thanks to lockdown, reconfiguring spaces brings a fresh perspective, making the old seem new (something we all need when stuck in our homes for weeks and months on end). Rearranging the furniture also provides an opportunity for deep cleaning. Throwing things away (or donating them) can also be incredibly therapeutic. Our top tip is to focus on one room at a time. It can be easy to get carried away once you get started!

Start a Veggie Garden


lockdown projects

You don’t need a big backyard to start a gardening project. You don’t even need a balcony! Seeds can be grown in pots, pans and egg trays in your kitchen. Start with herbs like basil, parsley and oregano or go for a chilli plant. If you do have more outdoor space, you can plant vegetables and herbs that you frequently use. Not only will you have fresh plants to admire, but you will also save money on groceries and be living more sustainably. Gardening is also a fun project to get the kids involved with (and away from their screens!)

And remember, if you need a team of professional painters to give your home or business a fresh coat of paint, we are here to help! Contact us for a free quote.