Are you considering giving your home a new splash of colour? Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is one of the most effective ways to update its appearance. But before you get started,  there is one important decision you need to make – brush or spray? Both spraying and brushing paint have pros and cons. Read on so you can decide which method is more suitable for you.

Brushing and Rolling Paint

Brushing Paint Vs Spraying Paint

The traditional brush and roller application technique is still the preferred method for many professional painters. Not only do you have more control when it comes to tight corners and cutting in edges, but it also produces a more even finish. 

Brushing paint may take longer (you will need to apply at least two coats of paint), but the coverage is better and will last longer. 

Advantages Of Using A Paintbrush

  • Conserves paint
  • Minimal preparation required
  • Better coverage for small, tricky areas
  • Requires less equipment
  • Quicker clean-up
  • Cheaper to DIY

Disadvantages Of Using A Paintbrush 

  • Risk of brush marks 
  • Generally more expensive to have done professionally

Spray Painting

Brushing Paint Vs Spraying Paint

The biggest advantage of spraying paint is speed. A wall can easily be painted in minutes. Also, you can see good results with just one coat of paint and you don’t have to worry about leaving brush or roller marks. 

However, if you aren’t experienced with this technique you can end up with running paint and areas with a patchy finish. If you are painting an exterior surface, you will also have to wait for a day where there is little to no wind. 

Advantages Of Spray Painting

  • Significantly quicker
  • Better for high volume jobs
  • No brush or roller marks
  • Cheaper to have done professionally

Disadvantages Of Spray Painting

  • Requires experience to avoid drips and runs
  • Risk of uneven finish
  • Uses more paint
  • More laborious clean-up process
  • Usually completed in one long start-to-finish project
  • Expensive equipment required.

Spray or Roll?

Most professional painters will use a combination of both techniques, especially on large jobs where they have to paint the interior and exterior of entire houses or buildings. You will need to consider the surface you are painting and weigh up whether speed or accuracy is more important. Generally speaking:

  • Spray painting is better for large areas where accuracy isn’t as important, particularly on exterior walls.
  • The brush and roller method is better for interior walls so you can cut in and avoid getting paint on other surfaces.

How Much Does Spray Painting Cost?

There isn’t an exact answer to this question since the cost of spray painting will ultimately depend on the size and scope of work. The bigger and more complicated the job, the higher the cost will be because you’ll need more materials and time to complete the project. If you want to be sure, contact a professional painter like Nelson’s Painting today and request a quote.