…………… and why DIY is not always cheaper!

When it comes to painting, many of us have a romantic image of pulling on the overalls and spending a day transforming our homes. However, this vision of domestic bliss (often originating and promoted by paint companies), is far from the truth. Painting is hard-work. Painting is messy. Most importantly, painting is a skill and requires a trained eye and a steady hand to get it right. Not convinced? Here are our top 3 reasons you should hire a professional painter for your next painting job.

Painting is Time Consuming

Most DIY painters plan to do their painting on the weekend. They will have their can of paint ready, rollers and brushes to hand, and overalls freshly laundered. Only then, as they approach the surface to be painted, do they notice a layer of dust, some small holes or flaking paint. If you think it’s ok to slap paint on without proper preparation: think again. Surface preparation is directly linked to the standard of your finish and needs to be taken care of properly. Why not spend your weekend doing the things you enjoy, instead of filling holes and painting walls. Relax and call in the professional painters!

The Right Materials Make a Difference

Not all paints are the same. Nor is every paintbrush or paint roller the same. It is a common mistake to presume that a budget paint and cheap roller will do just as good a job as more expensive products. We’re not saying you need to spend a lot of money to get a high-quality finish; we’re saying professional painters will know what products work and which ones don’t. An experienced painter will also own their own equipment and have access to wholesale paint prices, saving you money.

Painting is Messy

If you think painting is fun, you’ve never had to wash out brushes, rollers or paint trays! All these items need to be rinsed out as soon as the job is finished, then dried and stored correctly. If you don’t care for your equipment, you’ll need to purchase more every time you paint. Water based paints are relatively easy to remove; however, if you are working with oil based paints, you will need to purchase some white spirits and take additional steps to ensure your brushes and rollers are clean. This guide will help you determine how best to clean your brushes.

Another hazard is the paint can itself. You’d be surprised how often we hear stories of paint cans being knocked over! As you can probably imagine, cleaning up a whole can of paint is not easy, nor is it enjoyable. Removing paint from clothes, walls and ceilings is another element of nearly every DIY paint job. All these jobs take time, and cost money, so DIY painting is not always cheaper and is almost always more stressful!

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